Restore MARTA is a consortium of individuals, organizations, and MARTA riders with a mission to unite to protect our community’s call for economic development and ensure a high quality of life by protecting the financial investment in the MARTA transit system.

It is time for the taxpayers and voters of DeKalb County and Fulton County to reclaim control over the transit system they finance by removing the outdated policy called the 50/50 Restriction which gives the Georgia General Assembly the power to manipulate MARTA’s finances and governance despite the fact that the state provides no money for MARTA’s operations and maintenance.

MARTA riders deserve the restoration of their routes and bathrooms due to the following reasons:

  • Over 500,000 people ride the MARTA daily; yet, the state of Georgia provides no funding for the operation of MARTA.
  • DeKalb and Fulton have paid a 1% transportation tax for the operation of MARTA for over 30 years which went from 23 million dollars per month in 2002 to 31 million dollars per month in 2010.

What do Cobb, Clayton, and Gwinnett Counties pay toward MARTA in taxes for operation and maintenance?  Zero (Nothing)!

Taxpayers and Voters are the “Employers”.  Elected Officials are the employees.  As Employers, taxpayers and voters must hold our elected officials (employees) accountable.

We demand transparency, ethics, and accountability.

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