We Did It! TSPLOST Defeated!

Coalitions will beat money every time!

TSPLOST Defeated

We did it!  We defeated TSPLOST.  We proved that coalitions will overpower corporate money and politicians.  With a mustard seed of faith, we defeated an 8 million dollar political mistake (TSPLOST).

We decided to publish the press release sent out by Josie Dean with Rockdale County Think Tank on July 25, 2012 that proclaimed TSPLOST will be defeated:

TSPLOST Will Be Defeated

By Josie Dean – Founder of the Rockdale County Think Tank

(Press Release Dated July 25, 2012)

I want to thank the citizens of Rockdale for having the courage to stand up and speak out against TSPLOST.

We are a close net community with different challenges.  We decided to come together and fight against TSPLOST which is the largest regressive tax in the history of Georgia.

We brought in a coalition of people and organizations to include the Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter, NAACP, South Rockdale Civic Association, and Rockdale County Think Tank.

Due to us coming together as one community, the TSPLOST will be defeated.  I want to thank the media that helped us tell the truth about the TSPLOST, the 8 million dollar lie, to include the Rockdale Citizen, Rockdale News, Crossroads, WSBTV, On Common Ground, and National Public Radio (NPR).

We also want to recognize Brian Jenkins, Garvin Haynes who purchased the TSPLOST signs, Ed Tracey News who videotaped the protest rally, Jim and Diana with Rockdale County Think Tank.  If we have forgotten any person and/or organization, we ask that you forward your name for inclusion.

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