TSPLOST Town Hall Meeting with Derrick Boazman from Too Much Truth

Published on Jul 20, 2012 by 

A special thank you to Dilemma XLLC for taping the meeting held on July 19, 2012 on the future of funding transportation in metropolitan Atlanta at Israel Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta.

  • Remember:
  • Georgia has 12 urban and 100 rural transit systems.  Out of those systems, MARTA is the only public transit system in the entire state restricted from using the T-SPLOST money.  MARTA can’t use any T-SPLOST (Georgia Transportation Investment Act) money for operation and maintenance.
    • The state of Georgia must stop the manipulation of MARTA’s funding which affects our bus routes and rates by removing the 50/50 Restriction.  Since Georgia does not give MARTA any money for operation and maintenance, stop telling DeKalb and Fulton County how to spend the money!  If you don’t pay, you shouldn’t have a say!
    • Due to cuts in funding, MARTA stated they had no choice but to close 29 of its 38 public bath rooms across the system; yet, MARTA plan to place vending machines in all 38 rail stations.  Over 500,000 people ride the MARTA daily; yet, the state of Georgia provides no funding for the operation of MARTA.
    • DeKalb and Fulton have paid a 1% transportation tax for the operation of MARTA for over 30 years which went from 23 million dollars per month in 2002 to 31 million dollars per month in 2010.

    What do Cobb, Clayton, and Gwinnett Counties pay toward MARTA in taxes for operation and maintenance?  Zero (Nothing)!

    Vote “No” for the TSPLOST (Transportation Investment Act) on July 31st.

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