7 Reasons to Vote “No” for T-SPLOST


7 Reasons to Vote “No” for T-SPLOST by Viola Davis RN BSN

  • Transportation Investment Act (TIA) better known as HB277/T-SPLOST is a referendum that will be voted on July 31, 2012.
  • Reason 1: T-SPLOST will increase your food tax 1%.
  • Reason 2T-SPLOST is a regressive tax that will overtax the middle class and the poor.  The result of a regressive tax is that the lower-income taxpayer pays a larger percentage of his or her income in taxes than does the higher-income taxpayer.
  • Reason 3MARTA is restricted from using any funding from T-SPLOST for operations and maintenance.  MARTA is the only bus system restricted from using the T-SPLOST funding in the entire state.  Georgia has 12 urban and 100 rural transit systems.
  • Reason 4: A. DeKalb and Fulton County pay 2% in transportation tax while other counties pay 1%.  B. DeKalb and Fulton pay: 1% MARTA tax and 1% TIA/T-SPLOST.
  •  Reason 5:  Every county will lose money on the T-SPLOST. The only winner is the City of Atlanta.  Rockdale will generate $136.7 million; however, Projects and money entirely within the county will total approximately $98.2 million with a 28% loss.
  • Reason 6Rockdale and DeKalb County already pay an increase tax on food of 1% (Jan 2011) due to passage of HB1221 in 2010 under HOST.  T-SPLOST will increase the tax on food another 1% from 3% to 4%.  Should we pay another 1% in food tax in Rockdale and DeKalb County?
  • Reason 7: If T-SPLOST passes, kiss “home rule” better known as local control good-bye.  Georgia General Assembly refused to deal with the issue of “governance”.Which agency/department will control T-SPLOST funding or regional finances… ARC, GRTA, GDOT, MARTA, etc?

Vote No” July 31, 2012 on the T-SPLOST referendum.  Demand a plan that solves our traffic congestion problem.  We refused to continue to pay for problems that produce profits for the politically connected.

Plan B starts with the removal of the 50/50 Restriction on MARTA and a plan that address governance.


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